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Solovki is a short name of Solovetsky Archipelago in the White Sea.

The marine flora and fauna of the White Sea is amazing. The White Sea beluga whale (D. l. Maris-albi Ostroumov, 1935) inhabits the sea near the Solovetsky archipelago. It is the smallest of all beluga whales living in Russia (312cm long).

In 1992, the historical and cultural complex of Solovki Islands tapped into the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites.

Founded in 1436, the key landmark and spiritual center is the Solovetsky stavropegic monastery. In Soviet times, there was a prison on Solovki Islands, the largest penitentiary labor camp of the 1920s.

Tour to Solovki by bus from Petrozavodsk

Day 1: 09:00 am departure by a comfortable bus from Petrozavodsk to Kem.

The route to Kem is 410km long.

Stops on the route at famous tourist sights:

Kivach Waterfall is a mainstream destination, nature reserve, safe viewing platforms, walking trails. There is a small museum of nature. Near the museum, there is a Karelian birch grove.

Lunch in a cafe.

Zolotets village — White Sea Petroglyphs. Walking guided tour around Zalavruga. Rock carvings left by unknown artists many thousands of years ago are located beside the road. In order to see them, you need to cross a bridge over a turbulent river and woods. The route takes 15-20mins.

09.00 pm Arrival in Kem. Kem is an old Pomora town on the White Sea coast. This is the start of the shortest sea route to Solovki.

Accommodation in a hotel. Leisure. Dinner in the cafe.

Day 2: Getting up early, breakfast in a cafe, transfer to the pier.

08:00 am departure to Solovki Islands by ship, 2 hrs by sea. Upon arrival, getting to know the Solovetsky archipelago.

Bus tour to Sekirnaya Mountain. Holy Ascension skete.

Visiting one of the highest points of Bolshoy Solovetsky Island — Mount Sekirnaya, which offers a stunning view of Bolshoy Solovetsky Island and the White Sea. Explore the history and monuments of the Holy Ascension skete that functions until now! Back in the times of Solovki prison camp, it served as a punitive isolation ward, a place of detention of prisoners... Explore the unique lighthouse church.

2:00 pm Dinner in a cafe.

Sightseeing tour around Solovki Kremlin. Learn the history of the Solovetsky Monastery. Tourists visit the central complex of the monastery, operating churches, monuments include in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, household areas and expositions. Duration: 3 hrs.

06:00 pm departure to the pier, boarding, 07:00 pm departure across the White Sea by ship to the mainland.

9:00 pm Return to Rabocheostrovsk village. Dinner in the cafe. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 3: Breakfast in the cafe. Checkout.

Sightseeing tour around Kem + visiting the Assumption Cathedral perched on the high bank of the River Kem — wooden architectural landmark of the early 18th century. It has been restored recently. The cathedral is active — it is part of Kem's Annunciation Monastery. The unique wooden Assumption Cathedral was built in 1717 to honor the return of the ancestral Russian lands once captured by Sweden. By the decree of Catherine II of August 22, 1785, Kem was ranked as a city. The city was the hub of maritime shipping and shipbuilding in the North. The first chronicles of Kem date back to the 14th century. In 1450, these lands, since early 15th century having belonged to the famous Martha Boretskaya, Novgorod's boyar Martha Posadnitsa, were transferred to the Solovetsky Monastery. In Soviet times, there was a transfer point for prisoners to Solovki.

Lunch in a cafe along the route.

White Mountain. Tivdia marble. In the Park you will learn about the oldest marble quarry in Russia — Tivdia quarry: huge marble rocks, observation decks, abandoned mining, mine galleries. In the old days, this place was the source of white, pink, slate marble. Now, as a souvenir, you can take with you the fragments of marble and take unique photos against the background of marble rocks. Marble from the White Mountain was used very widely — for the Marble Palace of Kazan Cathedral and the Roman fountains in Peterhof, the pedestal of the monument to Nicholas I and the sarcophagus of Napoleon I.

The program features water crossing on motor-rafts to the White Mountain Park along Lake Khizhozero, a guided tour around the park.

Bus trip to Petrozavodsk. Approximate arrival at 08:00 pm. Dinner in the cafe.

Price: $390 per person;

Inclusive: Transfer Petrozavodsk-Rabocheostrovsk-Petrozavodsk with a tour guide and tours along the route, night in a hotel (double rooms with amenities), boat tickets, tour service on Solovki – 2 tours. Meals according to the progra

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